Rotarians in 200 countries and over 30,000 various clubs are unique but share one thing, they were all invited to apply for membership.

If you are interested in membership, let us first invite you to join us at Monday at 12 noon located at Red Lobster 1929 S 72nd in Tacoma.  As you enjoy our program, you will have a chance to meet members and guests to see if membership is a right fit for you.  Please let us know if you are inquiring about membership so we can answer any questions you might have.

If you are a Rotarian interested in inviting a guest to apply, please have your guest attend at least three programs, service activities, or events to ensure membership will be a mutual fit.  As their sponsor, you will be their usher into Tacoma South Rotary.  It is important that applicants are fully aware of time and financial commitment involved with membership before they apply.  All applicants need a sponsor and two seconders whom they have met and have spent time with.

Once complete, sponsors will submit new member applications to the Membership approval committee chair for review by the committee.  Membership will be activated once necessary dues fees are received and processed.